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Darn It by name, darn it by nature...

Darn It & Stitch offers an alteration, mending and darning service. 

Please read the following terms before using the service. All quotes are given on seeing the item.

All items must be freshly washed before any work will be carried out by Darn It & Stitch. If an item has moth damage please ensure it has been treated correctly with an appropriate product before bringing it to the shop. Darn It & Stitch has the right to refuse to work on the item is soiled, odorous or has not been treated for moths.

Items must be collected and paid for within 14 days of the stated collection date - any later and the customer will pay a storage charge of £5 per week in addition to the alteration fee.

The item must be checked by the customer before paying for the item and leaving the shop - once the item has left the premises with the customer Darn It & Stitch cannot be held responsible for the condition of the item. 

Unfortunately we are unable to work with leather or heavy weight fabrics.

Please call Darn It & Stitch on 01865 242 779 for more information.